Participate in Arts Hullabaloo!

Arts Hullabaloo!

Putting the Arts back in Hullabaloo …and you can participate too!  With the seventh annual Arts Hullabaloo held on Saturday, October 5th everyone is invited to participate. This year we are putting the ARTS back in the Hullabaloo and by ARTS we mean everything: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Poetry, Culinary Arts, Martial Arts, Fiber Arts and more. Demonstrations will be at various venues throughout Westcliffe, with a few happenings in Silver Cliff.

As a business owner, is there something you could ‘demonstrate’, say for a 10 to 20 minute segment? Use your imagination, what can you showcase that begins with ‘The Art of ….’  Something that would help promote your business, bring people into your place.  Or do you know of someone that you would like to have do a demonstration or an entertainer that you would like to perform in front of your place, let us know what you have so we can get you on the schedule.  An example of what one business may do:  “The Art of tying Scarves and the many ways to wear them”.  We have such a variety of businesses here, show us what you’ve got, maybe a short demo on ‘Tying Flies’.  You name it, just become involved.

Restaurants, what special quick dish could you ‘demonstrate’ to make or just have a special time for a ‘sampling’ of something new or one of your specialties.  For example, “How to make a box cake look like a Million” or “Wine Tasting 101”.  It really is endless what can be done.

Entertainers, Artists, Actors – are you able to do a short 10 to 20 minute performance or demo?  Co-op with one of the businesses and entertain in front of their business. We can have have potters, basket weavers, music groups, poetry reading and pianists performing and demonstrating. Get on board and help make this a fun event for everyone. Not sure of where to perform or a time, call 783-2099 and we can help you.

Arts Hullabaloo is from 11 to 4 on October 5th and will also feature children’s’ events at Jess Price Memorial Park.

End the day with the Alla Prima Westcliffe artist’s reception at the 3rd Street Gallery which will also feature the popular ‘Too Many Trombones’ performing ~4:15 pm. The reception is 4-6pm.  Many of the restaurants will have entertainment that evening to truly finish out a great day of a Hullabaloo with the ARTS. Our goal is to get people throughout the town, experiencing the ARTS and what Custer County has to offer.

Both the Arts Hullabaloo and the Alla Prima Westcliffe competition are sponsored by the Sangres Art Guild, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  You can check out more at  Please let us know how you are participating and what you are doing so we can get it on the schedule.

If you can’t participate, but would like to help by Sponsoring either Arts Hullabaloo or Alla Prima Westcliffe, give us a call at 783-2099 or 783-0886.  Even a small contribution will get you listed as a sponsor. Volunteers are always welcome! Remember this is for folks of all ages!