Sangres Art Guild

Westcliffe, CO

Miss the September Meeting?

Did you miss the Guild meeting Thursday (Sept. 20)? You missed some good story telling, humor, artistic fellowship and a great demonstration of Conte crayon by Gerald Merfeld.

We updated membership on money stuff and summer goings-on, as well as what the future may hold for the Guild. We also talked about Arts Hullabaloo (October 6) and the Plein Air Paint-out (October 4-6). Preparations for both are going well. Be sure to participate!

The agenda for the meeting is posted on the SAG Meetings page. See what you missed. Details will come later when the minutes are issued.

The Art Guild is your Guild and it needs your help. To paraphrase a famous quote: ask not what your Guild can do for you, but rather what you can do for your Guild.

We are in need of help seeking grants and other sources of funding. We also need a little help with Arts Hullabaloo. Posters need to be put up in town, post cards distributed, and sponsors sought. If you can contribute in any way, even a small one, please let Angie know (for Hullabaloo) or Curt for grants.

Review the proposal for how the gallery will be run next year. Its a bit different. Give your feedback.

Don’t miss the October meeting! Its on October 18 and Sarah Woods will talk about what kind of art makes a good print. Should be good. Mark your calendars now. Hope to see you then.

September Membership Meeting

Membership meetings will resume!  Come to the September 20 meeting at Cliff Lanes at 5:15 p.m. and learn about Guild happenings over the summer and what the future brings.  The valley’s own Gerald Merfeld will demonstrate conte crayon drawing.  Come and re-connect with fellow artists.  The public is welcome.

Why Paint From Life?

“Purists admonish us to paint “only from life.” Yet the instructional art magazines regularly feature artists whose methods start and end with a photo reference. …Even great masters like Fechin and Zorn clearly used photo references for some of their paintings.

There are a host of good reasons to use photos….  There’s only one really good reason to work from life – it will make us much better artists.”  William Schneider OPA.

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