Sangres Art Guild

Westcliffe, CO

Holiday Show Pick-up

Pick up your un-sold Holiday Show artwork this Monday, December 29 from 11-4.  After that, the gallery is closed for most of the winter season, except Mondays when the Monday Art Group is there, 10-ish to 3-ish.

For volunteers, Liz V. wrote:  “The gallery will be open most Mondays starting Dec 29 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. until the new season begins. On Monday, Jan 5, volunteers may bring 2 works to be hung on the first floor. If that is not convenient, each volunteer may indicate two works to be moved from the 2nd floor to the first floor. Email me or leave a note at the gallery as to which of your works we may move to the first floor. If we don’t see you on Jan 5th or hear from you, we will not move your work. Please make certain that your page in the Volunteer Inventory Book is kept up to date. We won’t be changing out between January and the end of April unless you want to do so yourself. Another option is that you may pick up all your work on either floor of the gallery on or after Monday, Dec 29 and have no work in the gallery during the off-season, January through April.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Liz”

Congrats Holiday Show Peoples’ Choice Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the Peoples’ Choice awards at the Holiday Show. Three awards were slated, but due to the close tie for third, we issued four awards. The highest vote-getter was Silvia Hooper’s photograph “Calm Waters Begin As Waterfalls” followed closely by Mike Arterburn‘s oil painting “Ophir Creek Aspens.” Tied for third place were Liz VanSomeren’s fiber art “Portrait of a Happy Dog” and Natalie Thurston’s acrylic painting “Nana’s Ranunculus.” Also placing high in the number of votes acquired were Silvia Hooper’s photograph “Fairyland,” Mike Arterburn’s conte pencil drawing “Valley Bison,” Curt Gillespie’s oil painting “Boreal Sunrise,” Natalie Thurston’s watercolor painting “Amish Sisters,” and Karen LeBlond’s raku wall art “Red Canyon Sunset.” Congratulations to all exhibitors on putting together a fine show. Our thanks also to Anne Owens and Donna Ehrhardt for arranging a fine reception.