Sangres Art Guild

Westcliffe, CO

Calendar Show Winners

Please join me in congratulating the 13 winners of the Sangres Art Guild’s 2016 Calendar Competition (in order of votes earned):

  • Sarah Woods “Sangre Sonnet” oil
  • Michael Arterburn “In the Shade of Cedars” pastel
  • Liz VanSomeren “Flutter and Flora” fabric art
  • Eve Nagode “Where’d South Go?” photograph
  • Tony Pachak “Last Light” oil
  • Curt Gillespie “Early Summer Afternoon” watercolor
  • Lorie Batson “Snowbound” oil
  • Joan Rauch “Coming in from the Storm” watercolor
  • Gerri Duke “Twin Fawns” photograph
  • Sharon Conner “Rugged Sunrise” acrylic/mixed media
  • Greg Smith “Big Horn Sheep, Canyon” photograph
  • Brent Bruser “Immanuel” photograph
  • Gary Benson “Moss” photograph

Nearly all entries received votes from the artists who were present to vote (22). There were 34 total artists entered, with a total of 68 submitted artworks. This distribution of original art to photography perfectly represents the distribution of original artists to photographers who entered the show.