Sangres Art Guild

Westcliffe, CO

Congratulations Awardees

Alla Prima Westcliffe 2015 Awardees

Congratulations to the award earners of Alla Prima Westcliffe:

  • Best of Show:  David Vollbracht “Waterways”
  • First Place:  Jeanne Echternach “Out to Pasture”
  • Second Place:  Tom Lockhart “Time Passages”
  • Third Place:  Steve Willman “Hermit Road Barns”
  • Judson’s Art Outfitters #1:  Valerie Meyers “Graveyard Shift”
  • Front Range Frames Award:  Jacob Tarazoff “Cadmium Earth Orange”
  • Judson’s Art Outfitters #2:  Paul Darrah “October’s Finest”
  • H.R.Meininger Award:  Scott Lines “Rabbit Brush Road”
  • Chartpak Merchandise Award:  Steve Hickman “Barn Again”
  • Honorable Mention #1:  Lorie Merfeld-Batson “Junior”
  • Honorable Mention #2:  Clare Scott “Autumn Pine”
  • Novice Award #1:  Jamie Miceli “Over Look”
  • Novice Award #2:  Jean Krueger “Dorothy’s Ranch Looking East”
  • Novice Award #3:  Teresa Farish “Golden through the Pines”
Images of the event and winning artworks will be posted later….

Arts Hullabaloo 2015 Chalk Art Awardees

  • 1st Place:  Surenna Palma, Westcliffe, CO
  • 2nd Place:  Mara Backsen, Lili Cobb, & Audry Heckmann, Colorado Springs, CO
  • 3rd Place:  Sara Shepmann, Westcliffe, CO
  • Honorable Mention:  Tyler Heckmann, Silver Cliff, CO
  • Honorable Mention:  Autumn F., Westcliffe, CO