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Westcliffe, CO

Drawing for a Drawing

There is still time to enter the Drawing for a Drawing “Who You Callin’ a Whistle PIG?” a 12×9 charcoal drawing donated by local artist Curt Gillespie as part of the Alla Prima Westcliffe event. You can see the artwork and enter the drawing at the 3rd Street Gallery. There is no cost to enter and the deadline is October 30th. So take some time, enter the drawing and if you haven’t already, ponder the great artwork of the APW artists. You might see something you like and what a great gift for yourself or a friend.  View the winners of the APW Show in person!

A charcoal drawing of a yellow bellied marmot in a sophisticated pose, nose in the air.
Who You Callin’ a Whistle PIG?
Curt Gillespie

Award Winners – 13th Annual Alla Prima Westcliffe 2019

Awards were announced during the Opening Reception on September 27 at 3rd Street Gallery. Thirty one artists participated in this year’s event. Twenty seven artists created and submitted 79 paintings for sale and awards, judged by noted artist Cheryl St. John. Artists came from all over Colorado and from Indiana, Missouri and Florida. The reception saw sales of the freshly painted artwork, wonderful music of the Dixieland Band, a very artistic spread of great hors d’ oeuvres, and robust camaraderie.

Images of the winning artwork can be seen on the Alla Prima Show page.

The winners:

  • Best of Show:  Shu Shu Clark for her oil “Grape Creek Morning”
  • First Place:  Jennifer Riefenberg, “River Sings the Blues”, oil
  • Second Place:  Lorie Merfeld-Batson, “Cowgirl’s Repose”, oil
  • Third Place:  Jean Krueger, “Cottonwood Creek”, watercolor
  • Best Nocturne:  Curt Gillespie, “Cliff’s Edge”, oil
  • Best Impressionism:  Jan Kraus, “Hermit Pass”, oil
  • Judge’s Choice Award:  Mary Pat Ettinger, “Morning at Grape Creek”, acrylic
  • Best Miniature:  Pattie Wall, “Young Quake, on Rainbow Trail”, mixed media
  • People’s Choice Award:  Lorie Merfeld-Batson, “Cowgirl’s Repose”, oil
  • Honorable Mention:  Joan Rauch, “Find the Pelican”, watercolor
  • Honorable Mention:  Teresa Vito, “Grape Creek”, oil
  • Novice Award (new to plein air in the last 2 years):  Andy Mast, “Holy Ground”, graphite pencil

On the morning of Saturday, September 28, a ‘Quick Draw’ competition was held and the public chose the winners!  1st Place went to Lorie Merfeld-Batson and 2nd Place to Jacqueline Keller.  It was a fun event to watch the artists create finished artwork from life in just under 3 hours.

Special thanks to awards judge Cheryl St. John, Dan Epperson and the Dixieland Band, and all of our sponsors, especially Dark Skies of the Wet Mountain Valley and My Art Trip, the APW committee, and creative reception hosts Teresa and Amy!

Go to 3rd Street Gallery and enter a ‘Drawing for a Drawing’ of artwork by Curt Gillespie. The drawing will be held on October 30th. You can view and purchase the APW artworks and enter the drawing Thursday-Monday, 11-4. APW and Arts Hullabaloo are brought to you by Sangres Art Guild.

Arts Hullabaloo Chalk Art Winners

Thanks for the huge success of this year’s Chalk Art Competition! The work was bold, clever, colorful and confident! Our judge, professional street chalk artist Chris Carlson, was thrilled with the concepts and executions of the masterpieces. He had a tough time determining the prize winners from 24 competing kids and 3 adults.

Kids 6-10

  • First Place to David Sovocool ($30).
  • Second Place to Madilyn Sears ($20).
  • Tie for Third Place to Shelby Compton and Jacob Tomassoni ($10 each).

Kids 11-13

  • First Place Split to Celia Constantine and Angelina Posadas ($30).
  • Second Place Split to Mary Huckfeldt and Miriam Huckfeldt ($20).
  • Tie for Third Place to Cassidy Trusty and Wyatt Trusty ($10 each).

Kids 14-17

  • First Place to Colman Reiff ($30).
  • Second Place to Raina Rusch ($20).
  • Third Place to Hannah Kennedy ($10).


  • First Place to Christy Brain ($75).
  • Second Place to Patricia Reis ($50).
  • Third Place to Jennifer Trusty ($25).

Don’t forget to go to the corner of Main and Second Street  and see Chris Carlson’s finished Chalk Art Buckin’ Bronco, ready for everyone to ‘sit’ on the saddle for an interactive photo of you riding the Bronco! Just stand in the foot prints drawn on the sidewalk with your camera and have your rider sit or stand on the saddle.

picture of the artist standing in the saddle of his street chalk art creation of a bucking bronco rocking horse
Street chalk artist Chris Carlson “rides” his creation

Chalk Art at Arts Hullabaloo

Are you ready to create your sidewalk masterpiece? Come and watch 3D Chalk Art Professional Chris Carlson do magic with his unique 3D designs at the corner of 2nd and Main in Westcliffe. Then pick up chalk and entry forms at Greenstone Artworks and let your inner child fly free! Winners announced on Sunday at 1pm, the day of the Kite Demo at the Bluff. Prizes for Kids and Adults. What a way to spend the afternoon! This event is brought to by the Sangres Art Guild and Rebecca’s Fund. Great for the kids and adults alike!