Sangres Art Guild

Westcliffe, CO

Gallery Criteria

Artwork that is shown in the gallery is defined as follows:

  • 2-D original art – all styles, any 2-D media; and 3-D sculpture (such as stone, wood, bronze, glass).
  • Original photography, which includes film and digital.
  • Traditional prints (woodcuts, engravings, etchings, stone lithographs). No giclee, ink jet, or electronic transfer prints, except in bin art.
  • Studio craft to include pottery, metal work, wood and fiber art.
  • Jewelry must be of precious or semi-precious metals and stones.
  • Note cards from original artwork and photography.
  • Artistically created clothing, fashion accessories or furniture by special arrangement only.


  • All 2-D artwork must be properly wired for hanging (no sawtooth hangers).
  • All 2-D artwork must be framed or have finished edges. Gallery-wrapped canvases must be at least 1.25″ deep, have no exposed canvas fasteners, and have finished edges (e.g., painted). Standard 3/4″ deep canvases will not be accepted unless framed.
  • All artwork on paper must be under glass, plexiglass, or suitably protected. Matting is recommended.
  • All artwork must be labeled with: Title, medium, artist’s name.
  • No wet paint (except where designated, like a plein air or alla prima show)


  • An inventory form including list of artwork with title, medium, and price is required.
  • Agreement on commission, fees and confirmation of signed waivers for SAG and Stermer.
  • Insurance is the responsibility of the artist.
  • Artist’s statement and biography are recommended. Special notebooks are available for this purpose.

Featured Artist Show

  • This show is for one month only, unless otherwise agreed
  • Both members and non-members of the Sangres Art Guild shall have the opportunity to sign up for a “Featured Artist” slot on a first-come/first-serve basis.
  • To apply, an artist must have been juried into a gallery rotating show
  • May be one or more artists
  • Work that is sold may be replaced with other artwork upon approval. Switching or taking art out during the exhibit period is prohibited.
  • Artist is responsible for transporting art, hanging their show, announcements and invitations, and artist’s reception
  • Gallery will submit a press release

Find the Featured Artist Inventory here.

Rotating Show

  • Usually rotates every two months.
  • All artwork will be juried into the gallery. Submit original art only.
  • Artwork that is not accepted for exhibit must be picked up within 7 days of jurying unless special arrangements are made with the gallery.
  • Artwork left beyond 30 days at the end of the exhibit becomes the property of the Sangres Art Guild.
  • The same artwork will not be accepted within a 12 month period.
  • Artists must leave artwork for the full length of the show except if purchased.
  • Work that is sold may be replaced with other artwork upon approval. Switching or taking art out during the exhibit period is prohibited.

Bin Art

  • Open to all SAG member artists
  • $10/ for up to 5 pieces for the year
  • 2-D flat work must be matted and unframed
  • Pieces must be wrapped for protection
  • Prints must be from original art
  • Pieces must be labeled with artist’s name, artwork title, and price
  • Pieces can be replaced if sold or swapped if “old” any time during the year
  • 3D bin art and jewelry is also accepted. This work will be displayed in the glass cases in the gallery.

If you would like to submit bin art, complete the Bin Art Agreement & Inventory Form and bring it with your work to the gallery.


  • Open to all SAG member artists
  • Purchased by the Gallery at cost less 30% commission for up to 10 cards per artist that are priced $4 each or less
  • Not subject to bin art fee
  • Artist must buy back unsold cards at the end of the year

If you would like to submit cards, please email or call 719-331-2164.


  • 1st Saturday of the month for new shows, 4-6 PM (subject to change)
  • Public welcome!

Other Criteria

These are updates from the Gallery Committee to gallery criteria/rules/issues/etc.

Art Versus Craft

Periodically, during show intake, the question arises whether a submission is art or craft. The Gallery Committee met to determine if we could develop a definition of art versus craft. We found it was very difficult to have a clear definition. As a result, the committee came up with the following statement which we hope at least provides some guidance so that someone does not enter a piece that is later defined as craft and thus is not eligible for the show.

In an effort to be inclusive while staying true to our mission as an art guild, the following guidelines apply:

  • Submitted pieces must be creative, original and for the purpose of fine art display
  • Fine art is intended primarily for beauty rather than utility
  • Producing fine art requires highly developed techniques and skills
  • Any piece manufactured from a pattern or copied will not be accepted. Exceptions for multiples will be made for photography, bronzes and hand made prints (e.g., wood cuts, etchings)
  • Traditional craft items will not be accepted
  • The final determination will be made by the juror and/or the gallery manager

The 12-Month Rule

No artwork will be accepted for a juried show if it has been shown at the 3rd Street Gallery in another juried show within the last 12 months. Exceptions and clarifications follow:

The Calendar Show – As SAG wants the artists to be able to submit their best work for the calendar competition, the rule will be waived for entries into this show. However, the calendar entries will still be subject to the rules established specific to that show, (e.g., the work must be created in the previous 3 years and not in a previous calendar show). Pieces accepted into the juried Calendar Show may not be shown again in a juried show at the gallery for 12 months.

The Holiday Show – This show is a volunteer recognition show and it is not juried. Therefore, the rule does not apply.

The Featured Artist Group Shows – These shows are not juried. Therefore, work shown in the Featured Artist shows can be later shown in a juried show and vice versa.

Ribbons & Awards

For judged shows, the gallery has “People’s Choice”, “Sponsor’s Choice” and “Honorable Mention” recognitions. The ribbons for Best of Show, Juror’s Choice, 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be awarded as follows:

There will be one Best of Show over all three categories, so only one per show. It is meant to be the best piece from an artistic perspective (design, composition, color, contrast, etc), regardless of category. It should be chosen based on the objective training of the juror as to what is sound art.

Each category (i.e., 2D original art,. 3D original art, and photography) gets 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons. If the juror wants to give honorable mention, in cases of very close competition, we will have ribbons if needed, but will leave this up to the juror.

Juror’s choice will be optional by juror. They can award one, or not. A juror’s choice can go to a piece of artwork that already has a ribbon or not. The juror’s choice is just that – it is the most appealing to the juror’s subjective personal tastes. For a Juror’s choice, it would be possible that they felt a piece had technical shortcomings so it did not get 1st, 2nd or 3rd, but perhaps the subject matter may have had special appeal to them personally.

Special shows such as the Calendar Show will not necessarily use the same system, but the standard judged SAG shows will.

Digital Art

Digital art will not be defined separately, but accepted as any other medium that must meet the same criteria as all other artwork submitted.

For example, a digitally enhanced photo of a Van Gogh original violates the rule that the artwork must be “original”. Although not an exact copy, the work would be too close to the original portrait. It is noted that manually painted artwork by an artist who copied a master would not be allowed either, whether or not legal permission is required to copy the original.

Ideas and Feedback Wanted!

Your feedback and opinions are always welcome! Please email or call 719-331-2164.

  1. What are your ideas for the Featured Artist Shows? In 2010 we had individual Featured Artist shows. In 2011 we had group shows with a well known anchor artist. In 2012 & 2013 we had featured artists selected by application. In 2014, we had no featured artist shows.  Our current year is different. What would you like to see next?
  2. What would entice you to become a gallery volunteer?
  3. How many entries are needed before we start to split the shows between amateur and professional?
  4. Anything else.