Sangres Art Guild

Westcliffe, CO

Gallery Volunteer Program

Contact for further information about this program.

Gallery Season:

The 3rd Street Gallery is open from May to December, Thursdays through Mondays from 11 A.M. to 4 P.M.  During the summer months the gallery will be open on Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays if the advertised schedule is filled and there are additional volunteers available to be gallery volunteers on unadvertised days. During January through April as the weather permits, the Monday Art Group keeps the gallery open on Mondays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Gallery Staff, Full-Time/Part-Time Gallery Sitters:

A staff member who agrees to be a gallery host or hostess must be a SAG member.  A full time volunteer makes a commitment to sit the gallery 8 days during the season, preferably one day per month, May thorough December, on the same day of the same week, i.e. the 1st Sunday of each month, etc.  A half-time volunteer commits to sit the gallery 4 days during any of those months. During the season requests by new SAG members to become a gallery volunteer will be reviewed and accommodated to the best advantage of all.

Calendar Assignments:

By the end of February the calendar assignments for the new season will be completed. Priority selection is offered to those volunteers who during the previous season have been full time gallery sitters on the same day of the same week each month. The next selection will be offered to anyone who is willing to commit to eight days by selecting from the available dates the same day of the same week during each of the 8 months in the new season. Selecting of gallery dates is then offered to those who have been half time volunteers. It is the responsibility of the volunteers to make their own gallery sitting changes by trading with other volunteers. Volunteer contact information will allow all gallery sitters to confer with each other and make date changes as needed by email or phone. The Volunteer Coordinator will not make assignment changes. Volunteers must advise the coordinator of substitutions in date assignments to facilitate the accuracy of the weekly reminders.

Second Floor Gallery Reserved for Volunteers:

A full time volunteer is allowed a full wall space of approximately 6′ during the season or an equivalent floor space with an optional use of that wall or floor space during the off-season. A half time volunteer is allowed approximately 3′ of wall space or equivalent floor space for the same season/off-season usage. The wall space assignments will be made by the volunteer coordinator. Volunteers will rotate wall space assignments at least one time during the mid-summer and to keep their gallery space refreshed throughout the season. Reminders to rotate or refresh will be given by the coordinator. The management reserves the right to jury the displays to maintain the quality of the gallery.

Commissions for Art Work Sold:

The gallery receives 30% of sales from the 2nd floor. All work displayed on the second floor must be the work of SAG members. Inventory must be maintained accurately in the 2nd Floor Volunteer Inventory Book.

List of Volunteer Jobs:  A signup sheet will be posted in the gallery office and gallery sitters are requested to select a task to keep the gallery clean.

Vacuum the first floor, vacuum the 2nd Floor, dust the baseboards, window sills and tables, etc., water plants, clean the kitchen,  clean the restroom, polish banisters, wash windows, help hang shows, write grants, help with reception set up and clean up, distribute brochures around region.

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