Sangres Art Guild

Westcliffe, CO

SAG Volunteers

Sangres Art Guild and the 3rd Street Gallery operate on volunteer time and effort. Volunteer opportunities include Board of Directors, Coordinators, Committees, Sales Host, etc. For more information email the Volunteer Coordinator, Eileen Piasecki-Couch at

Volunteer Coordinator

Eileen Piasecki-Couch:

3rd Street Gallery Volunteer Sales Staff (Host) Requirements

  • Sangres Art Guild membership.
  • Arrange training with the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Attend Annual Volunteer Meeting.


Sales Staff handle all operational duties, such as but not limited to, greet gallery visitors, provide gallery, SAG and artist’s information, handle sales transactions accurately, problem solve issues and communicate with the volunteer coordinator or the manager.


  • Gallery hosts are identified in early January of each year.
  • Priority is offered by seniority to hosts who continue from the previous season.
  • Priority is offered to those who work 2 days per month, the same days of the week.
  • Selection of the remaining days are offered to hosts who work one day per month.
  • Hosts may trade dates with other hosts as needed but must inform the coordinator.
  • As staffing needs occur, a SAG member on the waiting list will be offered a position.

Display Space

  • Most 2nd Floor space is reserved for the volunteer sales staff members.
  • Hosts working 2 days per month will earn approximately 6’ wall space.
  • Hosts working 1 day per month will earn approximately 3’ wall space.

Displaying Art

  • Follow 3rd Street Gallery Criteria.
  • Display in Gallery Style, not Salon Style.
  • Maintain an accurate Inventory Sheet in the 2nd Floor Volunteer Inventory Book.
  • Refresh assigned wall space periodically at the host’s discretion.
  • Trade assigned spaces once per season as directed by the volunteer coordinator.

Housekeeping Duties are required to maintain gallery standards. This is the concern and responsibility of all volunteer staff members and, while on duty, hosts will perform housekeeping tasks. Specific assignments will be established prior to season opening.

To volunteer at the 3rd Street Gallery, email