2012 April BOD

SAG Board of Directors Meeting

held on Thursday April 12 at 5:15 p.m. at the 3rd Street Gallery


  • Switch SAG’s bank to First State
  • Web site host service
  • Proposed Radio Ad
  • Calendar update
  • How to help with “Then and Now” exhibit for Westcliffe 125 year anniversary
  • New Website – help write some pages
  • Wine Mine social hours 6-8 tonight
  • New Business


These are DRAFT minutes until approved by the Board at the next meeting.

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Curt Gillespie, Anne Owens, Hulda Benson, Lorie Merfeld-Batson, Angela Arterburn, Sharon Langfeldt

ABSENT: Linnea Laurila

Meeting called to order at 5:20pm by President Curt Gillespie.


Minutes of March 8th, 2012 approved with changes by Sharon Langfeldt, 2nd by Anne Owens. Motion carried.

Curt handed out a copy of the SAG BYLAWS to the Board Members. Suggested we review them. Linnea came across them in the file box. Curt wanted us to all have a copy for our records.

Curt brought up the fact that we should have the extra key placed with someone here in town incase someone forgets to put the key back in the lock box. A motion by Angie that since Sharon has the Thursday Photography group meetings at the Gallery and lives in Silver Cliff she would be a good one to leave the key with. Sharon agreed. Lorie 2nd. Motion carried.

TREASURERS REPORT: Linnea not present

Curt stated that Wells Fargo will be closing its office here in Westcliffe the middle of June. Angie made a motion to move our SAG account to First State Bank. Anne Owens 2nd. Motion carried.

Wells Fargo just had one person on the signature card for writing the checks. After discussion it was felt that we should have more than once person that is capable to sign, incase Linnea had to be out of town, etc., Anne Owens made a motion to have Linnea Laurila – SAG Treasurer, Curt Gillespie – SAG President and Sharon Langfeldt – SAG Vice President, the people who can sign the checks. Angie Arterburn 2nd. Motion carried.


Paul Biron went over costs with Curt and they are as follow:

a. Lunar Pages, unlimited storage (Paul Biron familiar with – has been with over 10 years.) i. 1 yr: $8.95/mo, for a total of $107.40

2 yr: $6.95/mo, for a total of $166.80 (save $48 over the 2 yrs.)

5 yr: $4.95/mo, for a total of $299.00 (save $240 over the 5 yrs.)

We need to decide which of the above we want. Sharon asked if it included the domain name. Curt was pretty sure it did. It does not include an automatic backup, but Paul said it wasn’t needed since he is using Word Press, it automatically backs up. Angie made a motion to go with the 2 year plan with Lunar Pages, Sharon 2nd. Motion carried.

In order for us to pay for this, we need to do so by Credit Card. We could use one of the Board members cards and repay them. It was decided that it would be best for SAG to have its own Credit Card for Office Supplies, etc. Angie made a motion for Curt to get a Master Card for SAG, Anne 2nd. Motion carried.

ii. “Transfer” offer – credit for pre-paid months on current service if switch.

iii. $65.00 referral bonus to Paul (a small good thing for all he has done).


Bill Gillette gave Curt a proposal for SAG in sharing costs for Radio Spots with KRCC. The Radio Ads would be split between Bill Gillette, Gerald Merfeld, Jim Havey, and Tony H. The following ads would start about 3 weeks before Memorial Weekend and hit a wide area around Colorado Springs.

Costs are:

a. $538 total: SAG share $106

b. It would run for 21 days, 10 spots/wk.,, 14 seconds each spot

c. SAG doesn’t have this in the budget, but it does have $400 Budgeted for Hullabaloo (14 days, 14 secs. Each for $322) We could work on a sponsor or grants to help pay for the Hullabaloo, freeing up some costs for the shared Radio Spots. All felt it was a good idea.

Angie made a motion that we do the shared ‘co-sponsor’ a Radio Spot on KRCC for $106.00, starting 3 weeks before Memorial Weekend. Lorie 2nd. Motion carried. We will see how it goes for future ‘co-sponsoring’ Radio spots.


Curt gave the report on behalf of Linnea

a. The Artists have been chosen and emailed

b. The Artwork has already been photographed by Mike Arterburn

c. The sponsor Ads are ready and are being approved

d. Target to printer 4023/23; ready mid-May for June 2 reception.

e. Curt needs an extra ‘eye’/help with proofing. Sharon, Angie and Mike will help with proofing.

Also Liz VanSomeren, who with the Monday Art Group decided — volunteered! — to organize the May show. : The Monday Art Group has done some organizing for the Spring Show in May. Hope you all are o.k. with the following arrangement:


1. Monday Art Group will handle in-take on Mondays, April 16 & 23 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on April 30 from 10 a.m. to noon.

2. Monday Art Group will hang the show on Monday, April 30. Curt G. says he’ll help. Any others that want to help can, too!

3. No charge for hanging art work or photos for these four groups: Monday Art Group, Tuesday Life Drawing, Custer Cty Photo Club, Jacque Keller Class. Regular charges per piece for anyone else who wishes to hang — $3 member volunteer, $6 member non-volunteer, $12 non-member non-volunteer.

4. Reception on Sat, May 5 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Cinco de Mayo theme.?!

5. Refreshments to be brought per the following suggestion:

Monday Art Group – Drinks and Decorations

Tuesday Life Drawing- Appetizers/Finger Foods

Jacque Keller Class – Appetizers/Finger Foods

CC Photo Club – Desserts/Cookies/Bars/Fruit/etc.

Publicity: Everyone should send out email invitations to clients/friends/collectors about a week before the reception.


In addition, Linnea will put it in the Ephemeris, and I’ll ask the Trib to run a free press piece on it. We should consider going in on an add, too (small $ per person). Something to think about.

Curt said that the Tuesday Life Drawing group would be putting up a long sheet of either white or Lorie thought Black, would be better. Then the Life Drawings could be put on these sheets for display since most of this artwork would not be framed.


Kathy Reis said that they were doing a ‘Then and Now’ exhibit. Angie had talked with Kathy and Kathy said the Library was handling this. Curt thought it would be best for us to wait and see what help they might still need.


Board members are asked to please go on the new website, look and see where you can write an article or two so we can get the site up and running. Curt needs help here.


Angie gave a short presentation regarding the Way finding that the 5 County Group did and a grant opportunity for signage. The problem is, there was not enough time for SAG to make a decision by the time Angie found out it possible for SAG to do it. Concept good, timing not. Something to think about in working with other entities to do joint signage in the future.

Curt announced that the Wine Mine was having a social hour from 6-8, so stop by after the meeting and do some networking.

Meeting Adjourned 6:25pm.

Next Board Meeting May 10th, 5:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Angela Arterburn

SAG – Secretary