2012 May BOD

SAG Board of Directors Meeting

held on Thursday May 10 at 5:15 p.m. at the 3rd Street Gallery


1. Approval of last month’s minutes
2. Calendar update
3. New web site:  a. Policy for Copyright of web images  b. Who will write SAG blogs? Once per week? Topics?
4. New Memberships:  a. Paying how late gets them the next year paid? Pro rata?  b. Student membership?  c. 61 paid members (12 family); 34 non-renewals
5. Free ad placement person replacement
6. Gallery stuff:  a. Too many receptions?  b. Rent space to artists? Pay by sitting gallery.
7. Scholarship this year?
8. FYI – “Making the Ask” preparation for Rural Philanthropy Days
9. FYI – suggestion to paint historic buildings for W’cliffe 125 anniversary
10. Radio Ad paid
11. New Business?