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#1 – March 30, 2021 – Printable Version

We have decided to start sending members a periodic newsletter to keep you informed and up-to-date on what’s new with SAG, remind you of the benefits of membership that you may not be taking advantage of yet, and let you know how you can participate and help us do more to promote you and your art.

I hope you enjoy our first edition and find it useful. If there is something we have left out or you have other suggestions, let me know!

Thanks, Sandi / SAG Social Media,

Events and Opportunities

3rd Street Gallery

The full listing of this year’s 3rd Street Gallery shows can be found at the bottom of the newsletter. I suggest you put these in your calendar right away.

We will be sprucing up the gallery in April. Volunteers needed! If you would like to help, contact Terri at or call 719-331-2164.

SAG Arts Classes

The dates are set for Summer Art Camp for kids. We are holding two five-day sessions for kids ages 7-12. The sessions are $50 and include lunches.

  • June 14 – 18 (M-F) 10:00am – 3:00pm
  • June 21 – 25 (M-F) 10:00am – 3:00pm

Student artwork from both sessions will be showcased in an art show starting on Saturday, June 26th.


The Sangres Art Guild (SAG) awards non-renewable scholarships to high school graduates, from Custer County, who will be furthering their education in an art related program in college, university or art institute.

2021 scholarship applications are due April 30th. For more information contact Jan Krause at or call 719-429-4911. Applications can be found here.

Artwork from Past Shows on the SAG Website

Did you know that visitors to our website can view the winning artwork for past shows by visiting the Show Pages?

All winners from 2019 and 2020 are on display there, as well as winners of some of the shows from previous years.

Help Us Help You!

Your Artist Page on the SAG Website

Every member has one, but you have to activate it and upload your artwork. Go activate and populate your Artist Page if you haven’t already. If you have already populated your Artist Page, now might be a good time to refresh it with new artwork.

If you don’t know how to activate your page or can’t remember how to update it, request the instruction by sending an email to

Social Media

Help us promote you on social media by sending the following to Sandi Dalton at

Your preferred website link.  This can be your SAG Artist Page or another site where you showcase your art. Make sure it is the one you want shared! This can be used to help drive traffic to your art anytime we mention you on our Social Media, including show announcements letting people know who is in the show.

Your achievements. When you win an award or have something else to share about your art – send it to Sandi so she can share it. Generally, a link works if there is a photo of your artwork there. We can also use your own write-up and photo of your artwork.

Work-In-Progress. Are you working on something right now? Tell us about it, include pictures – pictures as you go along are great. We can post this on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure you send that link to your website to include with the post!

Like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. This helps us tag you when we mention you in posts.

Current SAG Board

  • Robert Gaarder, President            2020–2021
  • Angie Arterburn, Vice President  2020–2021
  • Bridget Dean-Pratt, Secretary       2021–2022
  • Kathy Lindvig, Treasurer               2021–2022
  • Susan Butterworth-Clark               2020–2021
  • Linnea Laurila                                  2020–2021
  • Sandi Dalton                                    2021–2022
  • Teresa Farish                                  2021–2022
  • Terri Wiebke                                  2021–2022


December 2020 – Voted onto the Board of Directors by membership for new two-year terms were Sandi Dalton, Kathy Lindvig and Teresa Farish. Re-elected to the BOD for new two-year terms were Terri Wiebke and Bridget Dean-Pratt.

Continuing in their two-year terms are ShuShu Clark, Angie Arterburn, Linnea Laurila and Robert Gaarder. Retiring from their terms were Jan Kraus and Pattie Wall.

Votes were taken at the annual membership meeting on December 5 where a quorum of membership attended, or were present by proxy (six proxies were provided this year). Officers were chosen by the Board at the BOD meeting on December 28, 2020.

2021 3rd Street Gallery Shows

As always, for the full show descriptions and links to each prospectus, visit

Calendar Show

Thirteen artworks were chosen for the 2022 Sangres Art Guild fine art calendar, titled “Colorado’s Best Kept Secret”, juried by artist Charles Frizzell of Canon City. 74 artworks by 34 artists will be on display in the show. 2022 Calendars will be available for sale at the gallery.

  • Intake:            March 20
  • Pickup:            June 27 & 28
  • Reception:      May 29
  • Show Runs:     May 29 – June 28

July Show      

Juried by Sarah Woods, who will also host demos and display her artwork upstairs.

  • Intake:             June 27 & 28
  • Pickup:            July 25 & 26–26
  • Reception:      July 3
  • Runs:               July 1 – 26

August Show

Inspired by Dark Skies. Deb Yara will host demos. Astrophotography showcase upstairs (members who wish to be included in the astrophotography showcase should contact Sandi Dalton).

  • Intake:             July 25 & 26
  • Pickup:            August 29 & 30
  • Reception:      August 7
  • Runs:               July 29 – August 30

September Show

Timed to coincide with the KLZR High Peaks Music Festival. Live music at the reception.

  • Intake:             August 29 & 30
  • Pickup:            September 26 & 27
  • Reception:      September 4
  • Runs:               September 2 – 27

October Show

Our 2021 Annual Visiting Artist, Thomas Fluharty, world renowned painter, illustrator and caricature artist will host events and exhibit his artwork. Enjoy our Volunteer’s artwork in the upper gallery.

  • Intake:             September 26 & 27
  • Pickup:            October 31 & November 1
  • Reception:      October 2
  • Runs:               September 30 – November 1

Holiday Show

The last show of 2021. Small artworks with Holiday gifts in mind. Two receptions, with the second reception coinciding with other Holiday events and gifts sales around town.

  • Intake:             October 31 & November 1
  • Pickup:            December 19 & 20
  • 1st Reception: November 6
  • 2nd Reception: December 4
  • Runs:               November 4 – December 20