Sangres Art Guild

Westcliffe, CO

Other Area Workshops

Gerald Merfeld’s Summer Workshops

June (Beginners and New Students) and July (Intermediate and Advanced)

The Beginners and New Students (June) workshop focuses on the basics – drawing, values, composition, color and the handling of painting material. There are a number of demonstrations incorporated into this workshop between the scheduled Classes. The Intermediate and Advanced workshop (July) classes deal with the importance of a strong block-in along with the aptness of fore thought. The theme of the demonstration and CLASS is “Visual Poetry” is a must!!

Sarah Woods’ Workshops

Sarah teaches oil painting workshops each year in her hometown of Westcliffe. She keeps her class sizes very small, so that she can give plenty of individual instruction. She gives multiple demonstrations during each three day workshop. Students can be of any level and should expect to complete at least one painting during the three days. 

Art in the Aspens

Art in the Apsens has been offering fine art instruction since 1990; plein air and studio workshops in a variety of locations.

Spanish Peaks Arts Council

Spanish Peaks Arts Council (SPACe) offers adult, teens and children’s art workshops in beautiful La Veta, CO.

La Veta School of the Arts

Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center