Curt Gillespie

GreenStone Artworks
Westcliffe, CO

Mediums: Oil, Watercolor, Gouache, Conte-Charcoal


Artist's Statement

Art has always been the mainstay of my life. My earliest memories are the awe I felt while beholding the mountains at first light. I love the outdoors, and that’s mostly what I paint. I hope to attain in my paintings the aesthetic value felt in the warm hues of dawn or the freshness of a spring shower. It is such essence after all, that makes the outdoors so appealing. To convey even a fraction of it in a painting is a success. My scientific and architectural backgrounds were detailed in nature, and that detail carries through in my process of creating art. As a chemist, I built molecules. In architecture, I built dwellings. That’s also the way I paint. I move from a foundation sketch to broad washes of color to carefully refined passages while building the painting. My finished paintings are like carefully crafted homes. I will never stop learning about the fine art of painting -- to do so would be a compromise. I seek to explore new subjects and new ways to increase the impact of my artwork.


  • La Veta Painting En Plein Air competition, First Place, 2011
  • Colorado Expressions Exhibition, First Place, 2011
  • Salute to Southern Colorado Artists Exhibition, Best of Show, 2011
  • Paint the Parks International Art Competition, Second 100, 2010
  • Colorado State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition, Pueblo Art Guild Award, 2010
  • Squash Blossom / Tom Owen Invitational Exhibit, Colorado Springs, CO, 2010
  • Sangres Art Guild 2011 Calendar Competition and Exhibit, Chosen Twelve, 2010
  • Pueblo Art Guild Southwestern/West Show, Best of Show, and 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Places, 2009
  • Southern Colorado Watercolor Society / Pueblo Art Guild Watermedia Show, Best of Show, 2009
  • Sangres Art Guild 2010 Calendar Competition and Exhibit, Chosen Twelve, 2009