Sangres Art Guild

Westcliffe, CO

Featured Artists 2012

The Sangres Art Guild Featured Artists for 2012 were selected by committee based on submitted applications.

Paul Biron

“My photography helps me connect with the spirit of the things I love in life: wildlife and nature.”

Through my photography I hope to inspire others with the joy I experience in interacting with the world. I especially enjoy photographing birds because their unique biology and behavior are so different from our own. The majesty and grace of the big mammals fills me with excitement, and sometimes a sense of danger. I am awed by our natural world, from the immensity of wide open landscapes to the beauty of the smallest, most fragile flowers.”  More about Paul Biron.

Jeanene V. Parker

From her childhood on a cattle ranch in eastern Colorado, to her travels throughout North America and Europe, Jeanene V. Parker has been inspired to paint a wide variety of subject matter. She is primarily a landscape painter and has developed a photo-impressionistic style, working mostly in oils.  Jeanene’s landscapes tend to be a nostalgic, peaceful view of the world. The awesome strength and majesty of God’s earth and sky are an undercurrent in her paintings. She says “I love the outdoors and consider myself highly privileged to be living and painting at the foot of the magnificent Sangre de Cristo range.”

Thomas Ossner

New to the art world as an artist, Thomas Ossner was accepted to the Steel City Art Works in Pueblo, Colorado just last September.  He has been around art his whole life because his father was an oil artist, so he spent most summer weekends at art shows.  A sheet metal journeyman for 27 years (and maybe being German?) he was naturally drawn to metal.  For years would keep or find odd pieces of metal or odd shaped objects not knowing why or what exactly what he would do with them.  He just knew they couldn’t be thrown away.  He was always outdoors working in the garden or hiking or fly-fishing.  One day he thought, what would happen if nature and the landfills or scrap yards melded together?  It would have to be beautiful, all of nature is!  This is the premise for most of Thomas sculptures.