Sangres Art Guild

Westcliffe, CO

Featured Artists 2013

The Sangres Art Guild Featured Artists for 2013 were selected by committee based on submitted applications.

Christiana Harkins

Christiana Harkins "Valle Vidal"

Christiana Harkins is a self-taught artist whose pen and inks, etchings, sculptures and oil paintings have and won regional juried competitions and been shown in galleries from Santa Fe and Taos NM, LaJolla CA, Sedona AZ, to Boston MA, Portsmouth NH, York ME, Madison and Atlanta GA, Fort Myers FL and New Iberia LA. Her work is in private and commercial collections throughout the United States and in Japan, England, and Germany.

Dave Foncannon

Dave Foncannon

Alabaster is Dave Foncannon‘s art love.  He works intuitively, rarely approaching the stone with a finished form in mind.  Power tools are used to rough out the piece, which is then finished by hand with rasps and sanding. The finished piece is cool and smooth to the touch, often pierced or opened to lead the eye through and beyond.  DaveI likes to work thin places into the piece letting the opaque quality of alabaster lend itself to the play of light and space.

Dave is a native of Limon, CO, a Mennonite pastor, a mandolin player/songwriter with “Fireweed” bluegrass band, and an artist.