Sangres Art Guild

Westcliffe, CO

Summer Show 2014

Good show, good reception, good artists, great artwork and great patrons!

Kudos to the winners of the Artist’s Choice Awards.


  • Autumn Ginnetti, “Boot and Stirrup”
  • Jim Havey, “Sand Dunes Tree Scape”
  • Gary Benson, “Sunrise Surprise”

3D Works

  • Irene “Cookie” McCoy, “Absolution”
  • Timothy Alan Johnson, “Dances with Color”
  • Timothy Alan Johnson, “Spirit Speaker”
  • Sharon Conner, “Dreaming”
  • Melissa Getz, “New Old West”

Original 2D Works

  • Curt Gillespie, “Colorado River Ice”
  • Michael Arterburn, “Bushes of Snow”
  • Ken Hartman, “Rio Grand”

Reception Photos