Sangres Art Guild

Westcliffe, CO

Special Dark Skies Exhibition 2016

In recent years, the inability to see the stars over most of the cities, towns, and communities in the US, has inspired locals to recognize that our dark skies area precious natural resource worth preserving. The towns of Westcliffe and Silver Cliff, Colorado have come together to protect a shared natural resource – their dark night skies. In the first effort of its kind, the towns worked side by side to ensure preservation of dark nights for the benefit of future residents. As a result of their efforts, the towns have earned Colorado’s first International Dark Sky Community designation from the International Dark–Sky Association.

In an effort to continue promoting the preservation of our night sky, Dark Skies, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is sponsoring a design contest for art to be emblazoned on a T–shirt to commemorate the story and mission of the organization.