Sangres Art Guild

Westcliffe, CO

Nocturnes 2021

Featuring works of art inspired by, evocative of, or dedicated to the night. A “show within a show” on the upper level of the gallery, Nocturnes runs concurrent with the August Show on the main floor.

Nocturnes were judged by Deb Yarra of Dark Skies of the Wet Mountain Valley who whose work is featured alongside the show upstairs, and who also hosted a demonstration of her alcohol ink painting on the porch during the opening reception.

The Opening reception on August 7 brought over 80 people in attendance to look at the awesome 2 floors of artwork, two unique shows, listen to great music by Smythe and Taylor, some good eats and drinks, and Deb Yarra of Dark Skies was kept very busy with various Alcohol Ink demonstrations as well as judging the upstairs Spotlight Gallery show, Nocturnes.

We would like to say a huge Thank You to Smythe & Taylor, Deb Yarra, Dark Skies of the Wet Mountain Valley, the participating artists, all of you who came out in the smoke to see the shows, and the Sangres Art Guild volunteers who helped make this possible!

The winners for the upstairs Spotlight Gallery Show, ‘Nocturnes’, judged by Deb Yarra and produced by Sandi Dalton, are:
1st Place: Curt Gillespie, for his ‘Moonlit Creekbed’ oil painting. The 1st place award of $100 was donated by Dark Skies of the Wet Mountain Valley.
2nd Place: Deborah Knox for her pastel ‘Winter Twilight’.
Honorable mentions went to Jan Kraus‘s ‘Night Lights’ oil painting and Sandi Dalton‘s photography ‘Missing You’. All the Nocturne winners were from Westcliffe, Colorado.

There is still time to see the shows, as well as the artwork of Deb Yarra and the 3rd St. Gallery hosts on the second floor. 3rd St. Gallery, 59000 N. Hwy, 69, is open Thursday – Monday 11am to 4pm. The August Show and Nocturnes run through August 30th and are sponsored by the Sangres Art Guild, a 501(c)(3).

Our next show is September 2–27, intake is August 29-30. If you are interested in entering, check out our website,, or contact Gallery Manager: Terri Wiebke, 719-331-2164, or Show Coordinator: Angela Arterburn, 719-783-2099.

Download the Prospectus here.

Download the Intake Form here.