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SAG is proud to bring our community ArtVenture - adventurous opportunities to bring art education to our community, for all ages and a variety of price ranges.

Our ArtVenture Programs include the SAG/Library Partnership classes, the Home School Art Program, private art classes, workshops, and art groups.. These programs are able to use the gallery for free as approved by the BOD.

In addition to the 3rd Street Gallery itself, our Art in Public Places program is a great place to view the work of SAG artists.

Each year, we offer an opportunity for arts-bound students to enhance their college financial situation with a SAG scholarship grant. We have also provided much-needed funding to Custer County Schools to acquire art supplies, learning tools, or trips to the Denver Art Museum for supplementary artistic education.


P.O. Box 205
Westcliffe, CO 81252

Phone: 719 315-6045

Email: info@sagboard.org

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