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The gallery

Location & Hours

3rd Street Gallery - 59000 CO-69, Westcliffe, CO 81252



May 6 - Nov 30 --- Thurs  through Mon

Dec 2 - Dec 24 --- Fri  through Sun


11am to 4pm


January - April

SAG Volunteers - We Need You!

As part of SAG, we ask our Members to volunteer. There are many opportunities to provide your insight through programs, social media, sales, and more. SAG Sales Volunteers host the gallery 2 days per month and receive a display space on the 2nd floor. Additional 2nd floor artists can rent display space in addition to supporting SAG by volunteering in a variety of important ways beyond sales. To volunteer and earn or rent display space on the 2nd floor, read more about the Volunteer opportunities and contact our volunteer coordinator.

Gallery Manager & Usage

Gallery Manager Contact:  gallerymanager@sagboard.org

Gallery Usage: SAG Members - The gallery is available after hours for use by art groups, for workshops, classes, and SAG meetings, etc. Contact the manager to reserve the gallery for recurring or occasional usage.

Gallery Phone: 719-315-6045

Street Address Mailing Address:
3rd Street Gallery Sangres Art Guild
59000 N. Highway 69 P.O. 205                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Westcliffe, CO 81252 Westcliffe, CO81252

On the 1st Floor

Our 1st floor gallery offers visitors a view of the featured 2024 shows and The Young Artists' Wall (featuring pieces from local 2nd - 5th graders). Both spaces change throughout the season. Themes change to encourage our artist's to expand their exploration in subject manner, medium, and general creativity.

Each show has a Call to Artists/Prospectus and Criteria for entry.

On the 2nd Floor

Our 2nd floor gallery invites visitors to see collections created by our Guild Members, 25+ Creatives, the Middle/High School Art Wall, and the bin art & art books. Our local and regional artists use their space to highlight their mediums and passion. From photography to sculpting, watercolor and other stylized painting, each artist is unique.

All pieces are hung, arranged, and priced by the artist.


P.O. Box 205
Westcliffe, CO 81252

Phone: 719 315-6045

Email: info@sagboard.org

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