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Gallery Criteria

We have many opportunities for artists to display and sell their artwork. You'll find criteria for each option below. A printer friendly option covering all of the information below is available here.

Artwork ACCEPTED in the gallery

  • 2-D original art  – all styles, any media.
  • Original photography
  •  3-D sculpture such as stone, wood, bronze, glass.
  • Traditional prints such as woodcuts, engravings, etchings, stone lithographs.
  • Studio craft such as pottery, metal work, wood and fiber art.
  • Jewelry must be of precious or semi-precious metals and stones.
  • Artistically created clothing, fashion accessories or furniture by manager's approval.

Art Presentation REQUIREMENTS

  • All 2-D artwork must be properly wired for hanging. Sawtooth hangers are not  accepted.
  • All 2-D artwork must be framed or have finished edges. 
  • Unframed gallery-wrapped canvases must be at least 1.25″ deep with no exposed canvas fasteners and have finished edges such as a painted edge.
  • Standard 3/4″ deep canvases must be  framed.
  • All artwork on paper must be under glass, plexiglass, or suitably protected. 
  • All artwork must be labeled on the back  with title, medium, artist’s name, and price.
  • No wet paint is allowed  with the exception of an Alla Prima show.


  • Artworks will be juried into the gallery based on the requirements listed above. See each Show Prospectus for further details.
  • A size limit required by a show must be followed.
  • All art work must be for sale.
  • Artists must leave artwork for the full length of a show except if it is purchased.
  • Changing or removing art during the exhibit is prohibited.
  • Work that is sold may be replaced with other artwork.
  • Artwork not accepted for an exhibit must be picked up within 7 days of notification unless other arrangements are made with the gallery.

  • Artwork left beyond 30 days at the end of the exhibit becomes the property of the Sangres Art Guild.

Required Paperwork

  • An Intake Form is the signed agreement between the artist and 3rd Street Gallery regarding details such as commission, artwork title and price, privacy policy, etc.

  • Two Signed waivers 
  • Insurance is the responsibility of the artist

2nd Floor Display Criteria

Criteria under ARTWORK ACCEPTANCE IN THE GALLERY and ART PRESENTATION REQUIREMENTS apply to art displays on the 2nd floor.

  • SAG membership. 
  • At least one volunteer position.
  • Display space is available as space allows.
  • No artwork size restrictions.
  • Artists must keep their display space filled with their own artwork or the artwork of another 2nd floor volunteer.
  • Artists may replace artwork at their own discretion.
 Contact Liz VanSomeren, lvansomeren@sagboard.org, to inquire about 2nd floor display space.

 Contact Susan Dagget, volunteercoordinator@gmail.com, about volunteer opportunities.

Bin Art for Original Art, Prints, and Photography

  • Open to SAG member artists.
  • $30 for up to 10 pieces for the season.
  • Artists must perform volunteer work as indicated on the agreement form.
  • 2-D flat work must be matted and unframed
  • Pieces must be wrapped for protection
  • Prints must be from original art
  • Pieces must be labeled with artist’s name, artwork title, and price
  • Sold art can be replaced  or refreshed any time during the year
  • 3D bin art and jewelry  will be displayed in glass cases  or on pedestals

To submit Bin Art, bring the completed  Bin Art Agreement & Inventory Form with your work to the gallery for the manager's approval.

Greeting Cards

  • Open to SAG member artists.
  • Artists must perform volunteer work  as indicated on the application form.
  • Greeting cards from original artwork and photography, with envelope..
  • Purchased by the Gallery at cost less 30% commission for up to 10 cards per artist
  • Suggested prince range is  $4  - $6 each.
  • Fill Out an Application Form to be approved by the gallery manager.

To make arrangements for Bin Art, please contact Liz VanSomeren, lvansomeren@sagboard.org.

To submit greeting cards, please contact info@sagboard.org


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